DIY Blooming Bulb Favor

10 DIY + Eco-Friendly Party Favors

Mike had this weekend off from work, so we’re making use of the free time to get some serious wedding planning done. He’s very excited- as I’m sure you can imagine. It’s crazy how much planning goes into these things. I’ve made about a zillion to-do lists, and somehow it seems like no matter what […]


Vegan Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchenware

Tomorrow marks ten days ’til Christmas! Today I spent all morning (and a good chunk of the afternoon) online shopping with Mike. I have made a conscious effort this year to avoid major shopping centers at all costs. Instead, we snuggled up in bed with some coffee, put on reruns of The Office (that show […]

Thanksgiving @ NoWheyNoCow

My Thanksgiving Challenge + New Blog Format

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Have you started menu planning yet? The planning is probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving… well, besides the eating. It used to be that my sister, Kate, and her husband did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving. They’re really into cooking, and would wow us each year with their new […]